The Commonwealth Kingdom of Canada
The Commonwealth Kingdom of Canada/ Le Commonwealth du Canada-Uni
Timeline: Axis vs Allies Resurrection (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Canada
Flag of Canada Coat of arms of Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
Commonwealth of Canada map

A Mari Usque Ad Mare (Latin)
("From Sea to Sea")

Anthem "O Canada"
Capital Ottawa
Largest city Toronto
Other cities Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.
  others French, Cree and Inuktitut
  others Catholic and native tribal creeds
Ethnic Groups
British descent
  others French, Ukrainian, American, Native American, Inuit and mixed blood descent
Demonym Canadian
Government Parliamentary representative democracy and constitutional monarchy
  legislature The Centre Block
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime minister
Population 28,581,000 
Established 1867
Independence from A politicly imploded United Kingdom
  declared 1944
Currency Canada Pound sterling (GBP)
Time Zone
  summer Yes
Calling Code 1
Organizations United Nations, Pan-Atlantic Treaty Organization and Commonwealth of Nations
Canadian Red Ensign (1957-1965)

Flag of Dominion of Canada (1957-1966.5)


English, French, Cree and Inuktitut are officially recognised and protected languages. Official bilingualism will be abandoned some time after 1970 in favour of a "Where needs warrants" system if it passes in the Centre Block.


2 escort destroyers, 1 maintenance ship, 1 destroyer, 3 frigates and 60 fighter jets , 1 supply ship, 50 Armoured Cars and 75 military Pattern trucks were built between 1966 and 1967.5.


Mining, mineral smelting/processing, making hydro-electrical equipment, stone quarrying, ranching, dairy farming, fishing, forestry, furniture and paper-milling are major industries as of 1967.

Recent trade deals with Morocco, Japan and Iran in 1967. A deal was struck with Liechtenstine in 1967.5.


A Black Brant I sounding rocket with data recording instruments in it is sucsesfully launced from a test pad just north of Winnipeg 1966.5.

An empty Black Brant I sounding rocket and a Black Brant II sounding rocket with data recording instruments in it are launched from a test pad just north of Winnipeg in 1967.

The tinny and fledgling Canadian Space Agency in Saint-Hubert, east of Montréal, to work on radio communications, TV satellites and weather satellites in 1967.

A Black Brant IV rocket is launched from a test pad just north of Edmonton and a Black Brant I sounding rocket are launched from a test pad just north of Winnipeg. Both have data recording instruments and are set to test the nature of the upper atmosphere as part of ongoing research into the ionosphere, earth science anti-ballistic missile systems and very-long-range communication in 1967.5.

A Black Brant I sounding rocket with data recording instruments in it is launched from a test pad just north of Winnipeg, but it is a falier that crashes on launch, in 1968.


The 1968 Quebec protests and rioters are, if nesssasery, violently dispersed and major rioters are jailed. Some of students sit-ins are talked to and heard-out, but they are largely ignored. More funding goes to Canada’s public libraries, especially books written in French. Some greater cultural and fiscal autonomy for Quebec’s provincial assembly is covertly promised for 1969.5.

Other stuff

We offer our support to the Karen National Union (KNU) and 200 rifles 50 hand grenades, 20 Fox Armoured Cars and 20 Canadian Military Pattern trucks between 1966.5 and 1968

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