Dominion of Canada
Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: Canada (minus southern British Columbia,
Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia) and Alaska
1946 Canadian flag proposal Canadian Shield
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "The Maple Leaf Forever"
Capital Sudbury
Largest city Toronto
Other cities Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, New Norfolk
Language Canadian English
Demonym Canadian
Government Federal parliamentary democracy & constitutional monarchy
  legislature Senate
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor-General Ray Hnatyshyn
Population 29,890,000 
Established 1867
(Canadian Confederation)
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1931 (Statute of Westminster)
  recognized 1982 (Canada Act)
Currency Canadian dollar
Internet TLD .can
Organizations League of Nations
G11 & G30

Canada, officially the Dominion of Canada, is a nation and self-governing former dominion of the United Kingdom, located in the north-central, sub-Arctic and Arctic regions of North America. Canada shares its only land borders with the United States to the south. Canada also shares maritime borders with the US territory of Greenland to the east, across the Nares Strait from Ellesmere Island, in the northeast corner of Franklin Territory.

What is now Canada has been sparsely inhabited for millennia by scattered Native American tribes (notably the Inuit in the Arctic Circle regions). Much of modern-day Canada was initially comprised of the Hudson Bay Company's Rupert's Land from the late 1600s to 1870, when the HBC sold the entirety of Rupert's Land to the British government. The Canadian Confederation was first established with the Constitution Act of 1867 and was initially comprised of just Ontario. Another five provinces and four territories were added between then and 1952.



Confederation (1867-1898)

Early 20th century & beginnings of self-rule (1905-1939)

World War II (1938-1945)

Main Article: World War II (1938-1945)

Postwar era (1946-1965)

Self-government achieved (1982)

Modern Times (1983-present)





Main Article: Provinces and territories of Canada


Main Article: Armed Forces of Canada



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