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Dominion of Canada
Dominion du Canada
Доминион Канада

Timeline: Alternative 2014

OTL equivalent: Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Easter Island, Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Jan Mayen, Turks and Caicos, most of Maine
Flag of Canada Coat of arms of Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Canada (Alternative 2014)
Location of Canada

A Mari usque ad Mare (Latin)
("From sea to sea")

Capital Ottawa
Largest city Toronto
Language English, French, Russian, along with native languages
Religion Protestantism
Demonym Canadian
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Independence from the United Kingdom
  declared July 1 1867
Currency Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Time Zone (UTC−3.5 to −8)
  summer (UTC−2.5 to −7)
Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .ca
Organizations NATO, UN, G10

Canada (Russian: Канада, Kanada), officially the Dominion of Canada (French: Dominion du Canada)(Russian: Доминион Канада, Dominion Kanada), is a sovereign nation just on top of the United States. Canada is bordered by the United States, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and has a maritime border with the Soviet Union. Canada is the only nation (outside the Soviet Union) to have a Russophonic population.
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