Republic of Canada
Timeline: 1797
Flag of Canada
Flag of Canada
Capital Edmonton
Largest city Edmonton
Other cities St. John's, Vancouver, Calgary
Language English
Population 12 million 
Independence 1925 (from Britain)
Currency Canadian dollar

The republic of Canada is a geographically large, sparsely populated country north of the United States and Louisiana, with access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It gained full independence from Britain in 1925 after the Great War. It is rich in minerals and other natural resources.


  • 1798: Canada's southern provinces are invaded by the United States, which takes control of the major cities of Ottawa, Quebec City, and Toronto.
  • 1835: Canada cedes its previously dual control of the lower Pacific Coast to Louisiana (otl Oregon territory).
  • 1925: Canadian parliament votes for national independence from Britain; Britain concedes peacefully.

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