Dominion of Canada (en)
Dominion du Canada (fr)

— Dominion of the United Commonwealth
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars

OTL equivalent: Michigan, Wisconsin, and portions of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Ontario, and Quebec.
Canada Pearson Pennant 1964 Coat of arms of Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Canada (13 Fallen Stars)
Location of Canada
Capital Toronto
Largest city Chicago
Other cities Detroit, Milwaukee, Montreal
English and French
  others Irish, Iroquois, Scottish Gaelic
Religion Catholicism and Protestantism
Demonym Canadian
Established 1876
Admission 1876
Time zone (UTC-6 to -4)
  summer (UTC-5 to -3)
Abbreviations CA, UC-CA

The Dominion of Canada (French: Dominion du Canada), colloquially known as Canada, is a dominion of the United Britannic Commonwealth located in North America. Canada is hydrographically dominated by the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River.

Historically part of New France, the region became part of the British Empire in the early 1760s. The southernmost regions were originally included as part of the proclaimed Northwest Territory of the United States of America, which was internally disputed between several states (included Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia). Following the Vermont War (1789-1791) and the Northwest War (1795-1797), the region became partitioned between New England and Virginia (with the former selling its claims to the British in the early 1800s).

The provinces of Charlotina and Upper Canada were organized around this time and were primarily populated by American Loyalists and New Englanders, with Lower Canada remaining populated by the original French settlers. These three provinces were united in 1876 as the Dominion of Canada and (along with Acadia and Britain) was a founding member of the United Britannic Commonwealth.

Canada is the most populous dominion in North America and one of the richest. Canada has a diverse culture which includes First Nations, French, English, New Englander, Scottish, and many other cultures from around the globe.

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