Kingdom of Cambodia
Timeline: Alternate Asia

OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Cambodia
Flag of New Cambodia Royal Arms of Cambodia
Flag Royal Arms
Location Cambodia ASEAN
Location of Cambodia

ពីជាច្រើនមួយ (Khmer)
("From many, one")

Anthem "Nokor Reach"
Capital (and largest city) Phnom Penh
Language (and Script) Khmer
Religion None (atheism)
Ethnic Groups
48% Khmer
  others 30% Chinese

16% Vietnamese

3% European

3% Others

Demonym Khmer, Cambodian
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
King Norodom Sihamoni
Prime Minister Nhek Sovanna
69,898 sq mi
  water (%) 2.5
Population 35,671,345 
Established 12th November 1953
Currency Riel (KHR)
Calling Code +855
Internet TLD .kh
Nominal GDP £1.245 Trillion

£34,901 (per capita)

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