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Calvo Evades Death is an ATL that focuses on what would happen if José Calvo Sotelo, a far right-wing politician, and José Castillo, a Spanish police guard, both evaded death at the hands of respectively Falangist and leftist gunmen; leading to a different turn of events for Spain. The main effect of this POD is that the Spanish Civil War never occurs, instead Calvo would replace Manuel Azaña Díaz in 1938 as President and establish a more 'authoritarian' Spain. The Second World War would have a different twist with Spain declaring war on Germany in 1944, right after the Allies land on Normandy and with the brilliant Generalissimo Francisco Franco smashing through the German defenses to help the Allies eradicate the Germans from all of southern France. The Battle of the Bulge would trap both a American and Spanish division, both of which held the Germans back until their support returned. (to be continued later)

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