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The Weimar Republic, still in a state of turmoil and chaos, can not deal with the threat of Himmler. Their only option is to go to the Entente for help. They decide to approach France, and request military intervention in Germany. The French, suffering in a depression of their own, take the offer under consideration. While they are arguing over whether to intervene, the Nazis manage to secure a hold on their power in some areas of the country.

Finally, the French agree to move in with military force. However, they demand that the Germans pay for the supply of their troops. The Germans reluctantly agree, since it's either the French or the Nazis. The French army moves into Germany, crossing the Rhine river, and quickly ridding some areas of the Nazi's presence.

Unfortunately, the French action has some adverse effects. People in Germany still haven't lost their hatred of the French, and Nazi propaganda manages to cast the French as anti-German. Partisan warfare begins against the French, draining their manpower, and making the war unpopular in France. The French commander wants to finish this up quickly. What will happen in the war in Germany?

France fails to defeat the Nazis

Weimar is victorious.

Created by: Azecreth 19:04, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

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