Kingdom of Genof
المملكة جنوف
Timeline: Pure Arabica
Genof-pa No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

واحدة للجميع ، لجميع الله
One for all, all for Allah

Capital Genof
Largest city Lusina, Turana
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister
Population 35,292,140 (2007 est.) 
Currency Dirham

Nestled in the mountain valleys of the Alps, the Caliphate of Genof has long remained aloof from the petty squabbles of Europe, and yet, it has had its share of participation, sometimes overt, more oft covert. In the battles that have raged between the Orthodox Hansa Bundesland and the Caliphate of Tutobergha, Genof has served as an arms dealer, happily funneling arms from Dalmatia against their christian brothers of the north.

In the 1800's Genof seized possession of the holy city of Torina and of Finiza, and have skirmished with the Caliphate of Roma for the better part of the last two centuries, having an uneasy detente for the last thirty years.