The United States is splitting along with half of the countries around the world, reason to it, many Super Powers were being slowly changed into a fascist type of government resulting in rebellion protests and even terrorist attacks by the citizens themselves. The year is 1966 and most of the states in the United States were seceding, and the US government was near collapse. Ronald Reagan was a classic American Patriot, but knew that the United States was being targeted by all the states that were seceding, so Ronald Reagan basically established a government from scratch under the nose of the government. In the beginning most of the states saw out a Socialist and a Fascist state, but Ronald Reagan formed a Republic and made the The House of Libertas (Libertas means freedom in Latin). In the House of Libertas included three of the former governors of California, Goodwin Knight, Edmund G. Brown, and Earl Warren. Each representing a different part Knight was leading the Republican party, Warren leading the Republican-Socialist party and Edmund Brown leading the Democratic Party. Reagan was in a tough situation not only did he plan to secede but one state that was close by was becoming very powerful. The Texan Commonwealth have been spreading like wildfire. conquering the neighboring states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, and Kansas. So Ronald Reagan talked to the Californian Congress in order to secede out of the 75 congress men. Fifty-Six people agreed to secede compared to the ten that disagreed and the nine that abstained. So in two days Reagan planned on seceding during this time he was making the Californian Federal Armed Forces (CFAF), which included four branches. The Army, the Marines, the Navy, and Air Force. Within two days the Californian government had included 1 million in the CFAF. The Californian army consists of half of this (500,000 people) and Marines included 250,000, 100,000 in the navy, another 100,000 in the Air Force, and the remainder, 50,000 was in the Reserves. MORE COMING SOON!

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