Californian Civil War of 2002
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An army tank in the outskirts of San Francisco
Location California
Syria-flag 1932-58 1961-63Republic of California
Cancom2Communist Rebels

California Lone Star Flag 1836People's Republic of California

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Flag of United Republic 1973United Republics

Flag of California 3 (Night of the Living Alternate History) Free Californian Army 
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Oceania

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Flag of MaliWest African Federation

The incumbent, Margarita Perez, tries to hold to power against former prime minister Hendrick McDale. protests begin to spark as a consequence, saying that the Perez family is treated more like monarchs. As a result usrest against the re-election of Margarita Perez as the president ensued. Taking advantage, the Communists again planned a coup to overthrow the republic. On June 2, the coup happened, and was successful. However, the legal government went to exile in either to Cascadia or Salton, led by Prime Minister Wilson and his cabinet. The Free Californian Army (formerly the Californian Freedom Front, who fought in the 1984 war against the Fascist regime), flees the country, and regroups to two camps; the northern one on the Cascadian border, the southern one in Salton. Meanwhile, the RCS Modoc, whose crew is still loyal to Wilson's government, is sent to rescue the members of the National Assembly. In November 2002, the country closes and fortifies the border from Casadia, then the OTL border with Nevada, down to the mouth of the Colorado River, to drive off a possible invading Texan-led coalition, only to collapse after Texas secures the capital, During the time foreign and FCA forces were near the capital of Sacramento, the Communist government was moved to Crescent City. Soon, the UR commences an invasion using troops stationed in Vancouver, Mexifornia, and Sonora to invade the Bay Area with 500,000 troops. General Secretary Felix Abrams and Provisional President Cruz Miguel Bustamante then fled in a submarine painted in US colors, while many high-ranking Communist officials were arrested. The People's Republic of California was de facto disbanded, but there were rumors of a government-in-exile headed by Bustamante was established in the Indian Hindu Republic.