The Californian Campaign was a Texan invasion of FST held California in 1861. This was an important victory for Texas as it allowed them to focus all their forces on the main area of the FST. It began in 1861.
Californian Campaign

The Campaign began with two separate invasions of FST held California, one from the north, and the other one from the south. The FST army fought back, but eventually retreated to the interior of the region, trapping them. Another army invaded in the third month, and destroyed the remaining forces. Over 25,000 Government Forces died in the war, and 19,000 Rebels died. This Campaign allowed for the Texan Government to control all of California. This helped significantly when gold was discovered in California, and thousands of Immigrants joined the Texan Government Side.

Californian Campaign

Republic of Texas FST


Dead: 25,000

Injured: 9000


Dead: 19,000

Injured: 700

Location: California
Date: July 2, 1861-September 19th, 1861.

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