The California Republic is a Republic located in former California. It is currently engaged in war with the Confederates, Ohio, and the AU. It is a member of the West Coast Union Alliance.


The CR came out of the apocalypse by uniting the main tribes in California under one flag. Soon, the government got word that a nation out East Texas, was under attack by the CSA. Deciding to aid the nation, the CR Government declared war on the CSA and its allies, and immediately sent troops to defend Texas. After 41 days of marching, the troops arrived. They quickly helped the Texans set up a front line against the Confederates. Meanwhile, later that year, Carolina would be seeking aid. California would send what it could, along with Texas, and all together, they repulsed the Confederates and Allies out from Carolina.

Current States


  • State of Economy: +50
  • Defense: 0
  • War-Weariness: -15
  • Technology: 65
  • Knowledge of Landscape: -10
  • Morale: +5
  • Strength: 745.891
  • Total:

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