The California Federation, formerly the Republic of California, is a nation located in South-West North America.

Flag of the California Federation


The California Republic was formed during the Bear Flag Revolt against Mexico on June 14th, 1846. The Republic joined the Triple Alliance along with the Republic of Texas and the United States of America in the War Against Mexico, and had conquered much of the Mexican Californian territories by the wars end. The Republic later joined Texas in the Annexation Resistance against the United States of America, which ended in 1850. California then grew exponentially, becoming rich in international trade and expanding in all directions. Eventually, as more territories demanded statehood, the Republic reformed into the Federation of California in 1863. The Federation quickly became one of the worlds economic centers, rivaling the Maritimes, Brazil and the United States.

See Californian History (The Imperial Americas)


The Federation is made up of 13 States, each of which elects a Governor and a Senator. The Head of State of the Federation is the President. The President must win at least 7 Ridings in the states to be elected, although California has a tradition of super-majority "Swing" politics. The Federation has an Assembly of Congress which formulates laws and policies and a largely cerimonial Senate which must appove the aformentioned laws before they are presented to the President for final veto. The Judicial Branch of the Federation consists of the Supreme Court and 13 State Court Districts, as well as operating the police force. Notably, the Government of California has nationalized health care.


The California Federation, having formed through rebellion, has a deep respect for military officials. The Several Branchs of the Californian Armed Forces are:

  • California Federal Navy: One of the largest and best equipped Navies of the World, the Federal Navy serves to protect California at sea. The Navy also operates the Californian Coast Guard. The Federal Navy has seen much action against Pirates and has often intervened in the many wars of South America.
  • California Federal Army: The ground forces of the Federation. The Army has seen action in multiple wars, including the Texan Border Conflict, the War Against Mexico, and the Texas Annexation Resistance.
  • California Air Force: The CAF is one of the youngest departments of the Californian Armed Forces. The Air Force has historically been in conflict with the navy, as the navy also operates its own air force. The duties of the CAF involve intercepting enemy aircraft, supporting ground troops, bombing enemy targets, transport and recon.
  • California National Militia: This department consists of 13 sub divisions, one for each state. It serves as a emergancy force for aid in natural disaster, mass unrest, or invasion.


The economy of California is one of the largest in the world. Key sectors include the incredibly fertile and prospering Agricultural Industry, the large fishing fleets and international trade. California has seen several gold rushes which grew the economy in leaps and bounds. The economy has been rather prosperous, suffering only one instance of recession. Slavery has historically been a small part of the Californian economy, leading to the abolition of slavery within the Federation. As such, minority immigration has caused some problems for the Federation.

International Relations

  • United States of America: Once strained, trade relations and immigration have led to friendly and cordial relations between the two.
  • Republic of Texas: There are multiple disagreements around the Texas-California border. Texas is in many ways a rival of California, being a trade power in the Caribbean.
  • Dominion of the Maritimes: There are Cordial Relations between the Federation and the Dominion, as neither have yet seriously imposed upon the other's trade hegemonies. However, there is some competition between the two.
  • Empire of Mexico: Mexico has had traditional bad relations with California, however once it annexed Panama it became a major trade partner. Relations have since improved, with multiple border conflicts being resolved peacefully and the Empire recognizing the Federation as an independant state in 1864.
  • South America: In general, California is resented for its frequent meddling with South American affairs, although its trade importance is somewhat appreciated.

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