Flag of California

Capital: Los Angeles

Largest city: Los Angeles

Other cities: San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma, Monterey

Language: Californian Spanish, English

Other languages: Native American languages

Prime Minister: Jose Garcia

Deputy Prime Minister: Juan Harris

Independence from Mexico: 1880

Declared: 1877

Recognized: 1880

Protectorate State: Hawaii

Currency: Californian Peso

History:: California was a part of Mexico until 1877, when it declared its independence. Californian rebels fought a three year war of independence. After three years Mexico could no longer afford to fight a guerrilla war in the Sierra Nevada, and pulled out. California was then granted independent. Mexico and California are still hostile to each other. In 1900 California gained as a protectorate Hawaii, which was afraid of being conquered by the UK.

Security Concerns:

After the fall of the Union of American States and Florida Federation, tensions were high in the Confederation. Wanting to increase it’s own security, Confederation Ambassadors are sent to Pacifica and the Arizona Alliance with offers of a mutual defense pact. Pacifica rejects the Confederation proposal while the Arizona Alliance accepts their offer as Mexican forces have been probing along their border with Arizona. After signing the mutual defense treaty, President Malloy sends troops to the Arizona Alliance to strengthen the Alliance border with Mexico.

Border Skirmishes:

After the signing of the MDF with the California Confederation, there was a slight increase in Mexican attacks along the Arizona border, but these attacks subside when 100,000 Confederation troops cross into Baja California and destroy several small towns and villages on the Mexican California Border.

The Threat Of War:

After the retaliatory raid on Baja California, Mexican forces begin amassing along their border with the Arizona Alliance and the California Confederation. Mexican President Vicente sends word to President XXXX of the Confederation and President Corroface of the Arizona Alliance that unless both nations surrender to Mexican occupation, Mexico will have no choice but to cross their borders and re-occupy the territory which was ‘stolen by traitorous rebels’.

A New Union:

Faced with the threat of war from Mexico, the California Confederation and the Arizona Alliance announce they are formally merging into a new nation which is to be governed from Los Angeles. In a press conference, the name of the new nation is revealed to be the Confederate Alliance. The new nation immediately closes its border with Mexico and prepares for war.

Vote Of Confidence?:

A referendum is held on the position of Hawaii in relation to the newly formed Confederate Alliance. by 51%-49% they vote to remain part of the new nation, but request greater autonomy on decision making, taxes and laws; the request for greater freedom on taxes is turned down by the Alliance leadership, while the other requests are granted.

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