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California Commonwealth (The North American War)

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Capital Los Angeles

Largest city: Los Angeles

Other cities: San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma, Monterey

Language: Californian Spanish, English

Other languages: Native American languages

Prime Minister: Jose Garcia

Deputy Prime Minister: Juan Harris

Independence from Mexico: 1880

Declared: 1877

Recognized: 1880

Protectorate State: Hawaii

Currency: Californian Peso

California was a part of Mexico until 1877, when it declared its independence. Californian rebels fought a three year war of independence. After three years Mexico ciould no longer afford to fight a guerrilla war in the Sierra Nevada, and pulled out. California was then granted independent. Mexico and California are still hostile to each other. In 1900 California gained as a protectorate Hawaii, which was afraid of being conquered by the UK.

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