Population: 372,281


  • ​New York
  • Texas
  • Virginia

Trading Partners:

  • Texas
  • Virginia

Military Percentage:

  • 2% (10,000 men)


  • Urbanization: 5
  • Resources: 150
  • Technology: 250
  • Territory: 5
  • Alliances: 15
  • Supplies: 10
  • Infrastructure: 50
  • Total: 485


  • Gold
  • Lumber
  • Salt
  • Cattle
  • Meat


  • Cotton
  • Vegetables
  • Steel


In 1861, the Republic of California seceded from the collapsing Union, and the Republic of California was first recognized by the Italian states in 1862. Since its formation, California soldiers stopped Union forces from Oregon and defeated them at the Battle of Oregon. Later, California invaded in an attempt to annex the Nevada Territory, but the population revolted, and led to the Treaty of Reno. The treaty led to the annexation of northern Nevada by California, while the Free State of Nevada was formed in 1862. Following expansion into the New Mexico Territory, and an agreed border with Texas led to the annexation of western Arizona, and had complete control over Southern Colorado.

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