The California Republic is a republic of the Pacific coast of North America, consisting of the peninsula named Baja California and as far up the Pacific coast as Mount Shasta. The country is officially bilingual and boasts a multicultural population of Hispanic, Caucasian and Asian people. Founded by Spanish settlers, California was part of Mexico until the mid-19th century until a growing independence movement, fostered by American and Asian settlers who had been attracted by the Gold Rush, achieved its independence from Mexico in 1859. California's population is approximately 30% Caucasian and 10% Asian in addition to the Hispanic/Latino majority.

California Republic
Republica California
Timeline: Royal Prerogative
(and largest city)
San Diego
Spanish, English
  others native languages
President Xavier Becerra
Vice President Eugenio Elorduy Walther
Population 33,599,000 
Independence from Mexico
  declared 1859
  recognized 1868
Currency Californian Peso



California is a republic, governed by a President who is directly elected for a five-year term. The last election was held in 2005. California's elections are regarded as fair and free by the United States, which has led to increasing ties between those nations.

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