California Republic
Timeline: Bear Flag Republic

OTL equivalent: former Alta California region of Mexico
Flag of California (no words) California Lone Star Flag 1836
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Territorio de Alta California
Location of California

'Aurei Ursus lucet lumen libertatis (The Golden Bear shines the light of freedom) (English)

Anthem "In Reason we Trust"
Capital San Francisco
Largest city Los Angeles
Other cities Sonoma, Mojave
  others Spanish, French
Religion Atheist
Government Presidential Constitutional Republic
President Edwin Lee
Vice President Jack O'Connell
Population 50,548,961 
Independence June 14, 1846
Currency Californian Dollar, Euro
Organizations United Nations

The California Republic is a presidential constitutional republic in North America. It is bordered by the United States to the North and the East, and Mexico to the south. Since its independence and its successful defense against the War of Californian Republic, California is on the road to becoming a world superpower, and has created a strong alliance with the UK since their intervention in the War of Submission, and also uses the Euro as a secondary currency.


First Bear Flag Revolt

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