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Republic of Cali
Timeline: Nuclear Apocalypse
Cali flag

Flag of Cali
Geographical location
Cali location



Denomyn Californian
Official language English
1,579,650 sq km
Population Estimated to 20,000,000.
Government Presidential Republic

Head of government:

Established: 2010
Currency USD

Republic of Cali or also known as Cali is a country on the western side of the North American continent.


Before the Nuclear Apocalypse

California didn't care about gaining independence at the time. But later on, people wanted it to be independent so it could be free.

During the Nuclear Apocalypse

When the Chinese attacked the western side of the United States, California talked about declaring independence. When the nuclear weapons were shot all over the world, California quickly took action and declared independence. With the United States went back being with the Atlantic Ocean, California took possessions of Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. It then changed its name to not confuse other countries about it.

After the Nuclear Apocalypse

Cali stepped forward to be a large nation. It decided to ally with several countries in Asia and Europe, including Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Despite the problems with organized crime and gang syndicates, Cali is a stable and prosperous nation. At first, the United States was planning to declare war on Cali, but recognized them as an ally after their fight with North Korea. The two countries maintain a strong and long-lasting relationship.

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