Origins of the Caledonian Federation

In the years following World War II, the SNP spurned on by the dwindling British colonial might and also with many overseas territories gaining independence, many Scots thought that it was now the right time for Scotland to stand on its own two feet away from England. This surge in support allowed for a referendum with the British Cabinet to be published, it called on all Scots to vote on an independent Scotland. This referendum was met with over-whelming support for the SNP and there nationalist views.

Full independence was granted by April 1955, this caused great consternation amongst many conservatives who viewed that maintaining the union was vital, many of whom resigned as well as prime minister Winston Churchill whose health was already failing. Britain had only the year before ended its military occupation of the Suez Canal and also in Northern Ireland, a recent upsurge in Republican dissident activities meant a new wave of violence thus adding to the fires for Scottish Independence.

Following the breakup of the union, the newly elected SNP by 1958 had consolidated its hold on the Scottish government and territories. This occurred with a propaganda campaign to instill a new found pride in the people of Scotland. The SNP decided to reorganise the entirety of the government and to make it akin to a federal government such as that of the United States of America. The newly created Federal Government of Scotland then renamed the country to take it back to an era of by-gone nationalism and pride. Caledonia.

The Caledonian Federation prospers as English Imperial might dwindles


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