Invited Parties

  • Federation
  • France
  • Israel
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • Yemen

Saudi Proposal

This is what I remember negotiating with NK. I may have gotten parts wrong, or missed things.


  • All conflict involving France, Federation, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen in the Middle East will end.
  • The Suez Canal will be under the administration of an international organization until the construction of a new canal in Israel (from Gulf of Aqaba, through the Dead Sea, to the coast), which will be controlled by Israel and France, and the SDP will take control of the Suez at that point.
  • The Sinai peninsula will be ceded to Israel.
  • France will pay reparations to Egypt for all damages caused in the war to places still controlled by Egypt following this agreement (destruction in the Sinai will not be accounted for).
  • France will grant Jordan independence.
  • The Federation's occupation of Israel will end. 
  • France will grant independence to Syria, but retain control of the coast of Syria and the Alwaite region of the country.
  • Military force may not be used by the SDP or France to enforce membership of Syria or Jordan in any multinational organization, unless either should see a Communist revolution, in which case, force may be used to help stop Communism.
  • Israel will gain full control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They will, however, provide fair opportunities for Muslims to immigrate out of the country, and allow peaceful access of Muslims to the Dome of the Rock.
  • No party involved may raid any merchant ships within the Red Sea.


Federation Dip: This is definitely doable. Israel, however I believe, needs to see some assistance from the Federation and France in order to responsibly retain some order to the Area. We push to allow French and Federation advisors to remain within Israel to bring about the treaty obligations on Israels Part. We will also return the 60,000-80,000 troops captured during the Sinai Offensive.

Egyptian Diplomacy: Egypt rejects the Saudi Arabian offer, considering it to be strongly in favour of Israel and France.

  • Egypt agrees with the first point, which is to end all conflict.
  • Whilst the Egyptian authorities agree that the Suez Canal may be administered by an international authority such as the U.N, such administration must not extend to any time scope greater than a single year. Moreover, Egypt shall not under any circumstances support the construction of a canal through Israel as it would severely decrease the importance of the Suez Canal.
  • Saudi Arabia is lambasted for having proposed that Egypt cedes territory to Israel. The Republic of Egypt shall under no circumstances cede any inch of its territory to the state of Israel.
  • France must pay reparations for all the damage done.
  • A transitional period must exist in between the Cairo Accords and Jordanian Independence during which Saudi troops must thoroughly withdraw from Jordan in order to prevent the future Jordanian state from becoming a Saudi puppet.
  • Not of any concern to Egypt.
  • By suggesting that Alawite areas are kept under French rule, the Saudis are not only fanning the flames of imperialism but are simultaneously promoting sectarianism, and divide on the basis of sects.
  • Agreed.
  • The state of Israel should be partitioned into Israeli and Palestinian halves, with the Indian Partition being used as the basis for such plan.
  • Agreed

Saudi Arabia: This is a deal that pretty much, everyone but you will agree to. It's basically this or being captured by France. We feel that this deal is pretty fair for you, as you end up still in control of the canal and still independent. You'll get reparations so that you can rebuild, and get control of the Suez Canal. France would never support a single canal system under your control as you want, so this is a fair option that promotes peace. As far as Jordan and Syria go, I do not support imperialism, but again, I needed to make a deal. France was stubborn about keeping that section of Syria, which I care less about because it is Shia. I am totally fine with determining countries based on ethnicity. It the main reason I am opposed to imperialism, as the native ethnic group does not have the right to govern themselves. As far as Palestinians in Israel go, I again tried to get France to give them more rights, but instead settled for having Israel help the Palestinians relocate and still having access to Jerusalem. The partition of India, btw in this game, all went to one country, the Federation of India. Finally, we're leaving Jordan.

Federation Dip: We understand the French and Egyptian concerns but overall we do seem to side more with the Egyptian concerns sans Israel. The Federation partly feels responsible for the Israeli situation due to propagating and extending the Nazis ability to exterminate the Jews. Looking at the proposed situation of the new canal, the Federation will decline to give Sinai to Israel but the West Bank and Gaza going to Israel are doable as is the peaceful relocation of Palestinians. In general we will foot the bill for relocating the Palestinians if so needed. The Two Seas Canal in general does not require control of the Sinai to operate and could be built through israel regardless of whether the Egypt, the Federation and its SDP allies allow it or not. the Federation proposes this.

  • All involved parties agree to end all conflict and trade back prisoners of war, particularly nearly half of the Israeli Defense Forces captured during the Sinai offensive and its resultant Counter-Offensive.
  • Suez will remain under an international committee to allow its neutrality for a period of 7 years, more than enough time for French investors to build the Two Seas Canal
  • Israel will gain Gaza and the West bank with appropriate actions to allow Muslims easy access to holy sites. Any Palestinians/Muslims wishing to leave will be given a Travel and settlement Stipend by the Federation to relocate to another country of their choosing (with great emphasis on a neighboring Muslim country) The open freedom to immigrate with this stipend will last for 10 years and only 10 years. If they have not immigrated within this period the Federation is not liable for their costs. This Stipend is intended to give them 3 years of decent living, enough to move, find a Job, and establish a life in a new country.
  • The Muslims/Palestinians remaining within Israel must adhere to Israeli law and rule (having lost their opportunity to leave in an easy and fair fashion) and they will be tried, sentenced, and punished as CITIZENS of the Israeli nation. Integration into Israel is highly encouraged.
  • France will grant Jordan independence and Jordan will be left by Saudi Forces.
  • France will grant all but the Coast and Alawite areas of Syria independence.
  • The French and Federation (SDP as well) will refrain from any intervening to support one multinational organization or another and will only intervene in the case of Communism becoming an apparent threat.
  • Merchant shipping in the Red Sea is to be untouched. The Federation due to its presence in the Area will enforce this dramatically.
  • France will pay reparations to the Egyptians for damage caused during the Crisis.

Egyptian Diplomacy: The Republic of Egypt approves the Federations offer, terming the previous Saudi proposal as a counter-productive ineffectual attempt by the Saudis to promote French and Israeli imperialism. The Federations Travel and Settlement stipend is also highly appreciated, as it is considered that this would aid the Palestinians that had been driven out of their homelands. Overall, the Federations offer is considered a highly effective solution. However, Egypt still disapproves of the Suez Canal being administered by an international community. It is instead suggested that the Suez Canal be administered by Egypt whilst under inspection by an international organisation such as the U.N until Israels Canal is completed.

French Diplomacy: France wishes for peace and we are willing to cooperate on the canal but the french will grant independence to Syria and Lebanon independent of the current negotiations. 

Saudi Arabia: Considers this deal better than the one we proposed, and will accept this so long as France does. We would like to reiterate that peace is more important to us than anti-imperialism, but that our old deal, in our eyes, made steps towards anti-imperialism. 

The State of Israel: Accepts the Federation proposal and agrees to not interfere with Muslim immigration out of Israel. 

Yemen: I have no issue with any of the proposals put down and will sign this treaty when the Federation does.  

Treaty Approval (Federation Proposal)


  • Federation of the Americas
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Yemen
  • Israel


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