— Confederate State of Mississippia
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Illinois, Michigan
Flag of Cahokia State
Flag of Cahokia
Capital Cahokia
Largest city Cahokia
Other cities TBD
Language Cahokian, French
Religion French Catholicism
Southern Cult
Ethnic group Mississippian
Demonym Cahokian
Chief tbd
Population 1,735,159 (1580) 
Established 1558

Cahokia is a the largest confederate state of the Mississippian Confederation. The state is based around the city of Cahokia, which is the largest city in Borealia.

Cahokia is often considered to be the most important of the six confederate states of Mississippia; Cahokia houses the national government and is the birthplace of all but one of the Great Chiefs of Mississippia.


The history of Cahokia dates back to 600 BC with the first permanent settlements at the confluence of the Mississippia, Illinois, and Missouri Rivers.

Cahokia continued to expand, and by 800 BC the construction of large mounds began in earnest. The city became an important trade hub, and by 1200 the city had 40,000 people. Over a hundred thousand more lived in smaller farming villages outside of the main city.

It is from these external villages that the Cahokian states truly spread to encompass its modern borders. The chief of Cahokia began to exercise control over the external villages, and soon the Chief of Cahokia became a regional leader.

Cahokia 1

Cahokia, Cahokia, Mississippia

When Great Alligator became Chief of Cahokia after the death of Hiloha, the first major attempt at making a Mississippian Empire was developed out of Cahokia, Mississippia's largest city.

The city continued to blossom during the reigns of the Great Chiefs, with a massive waste management project finished in 1468. That vital system allowed the population of the city of Cahokia to expand even more. Soon, off-shoot towns were under construction throughout the state of Cahokia.

From its humble origins at the confluence of three mighty rivers, the state of Cahokia has since expanded along the Illinois and Ohio Rivers as well as up to Michigami. The land currently owned by the state of Erie was once owned by Cahokia, but it was split off as its own confederate state in 1479.


Based around the confluence of the Mississippia, Illinois, and Missouri Rivers, the city of Cahokia developed as a series of mounds. The location of Cahokia was beneficial for mound-building as there are a number of bluffs in the area.

The state of Cahokia was also originally based around the Mississippia River, although a number of settlements exist along the Illinois River as well. These rivers, especially the Mississippia, have large flood plains.

To the east, the terrain is low and sometimes rolling terrain that is quite moderate and very good for mound-building. The main nearby mountain range is the Appalachian Range, which separates Cahokia from the Eastern Seaboard.


Year Population Change
1570 1,915,900 N/A
1580 1,735,159 180,741


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