Timeline: Orbis Romanum

September 7 44BCE

Julius Caesar returns and the senate awards him a triumph. Prisoners in chains and coaches with booty contribute to the mile-long procession. King Orodes II is paraded in his own wagon fettered with golden chains. The recovered aquilae standards of Crassus' lost legions are paraded in front of Caesar's carriage. The population goes wild and the city reverberates with the cry "Io triumphe!" The popularity of Caesar is now at its highest. Some plebeienans shout the forbidden "Caesar rex!" (king Caesar) and are immediately arrested by tribunes. Caesar refuses the honor of being declared of divine origin, a son of Jupiter.

September 8 44BCE

Julius Caesar announces large public works financed with the spoils of sacked Ctesiphon. The Pontine marshes will be drained greatly improving health conditions in the city. The Subura slums will be rebuilt in stone to prevent fires. Grain storages will be built in Ostia, Rome's harbor. Each citizen will have a guaranteed stipend of grain which he cannot sell or gamble away. Inspectors will be appointed to investigate bribery and corruption throughout the empire. Caesar's fiercest enemies in the senate are now his greatest supporters after he magnanimously pardoned them after their assassination attempt. He only has to make his wishes known and they are approved instantly.

September 12 44BCE

Julius Caesar is greatly disappointed with the administration of Marcus Antonius during his absence. He had hoped that Marcus would succeed him after a period of apprenticeship but now this is clearly impossible. Although Marcus is a loyal friend and a good general he is not cut out to be a state leader. Caesar sends him to Gaul with orders to prepare an invasion of barbaric Germany.

December 06 44BCE

Julius Caesar consolidates his reign. Due to his popularity there is no opposition. Even the provinces are quiet: no uprisings. This is mainly caused by the anti-corruption measures of Caesar. Even a provincial governor is not immune to the inquiries of a praefectus. As a side effect the treasury keeps increasing in spite of large public works.
A recurrent problem needs a solution. The senate has now offered him the title of perpetual dictator again. To decline would be impolite. To accept would be foolish. The title of dictator is honorable in Rome but it is associated with extreme danger and disaster. So dictator is out. King is out too. Rome is proud of its republic heritage. The senate is shrewd enough to realize that the title of consul is not appropriate for Caesar, too limited. Caesar makes an on the spot decision as he is used to do in war. He proposes that the senate creates the title of presidentis. The presidentis will choose his own successor who must be approved by the senate. A presidentis rules for life but may abdicate or be deposed by the pontifex maximus and his own successor both in agreement.

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