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The Caborr State
Timeline: Battle for Earth: Prime
Caborr Flag Caborr Seal
Flag Seal
Home Planet Countries2
Location of the Caborr State, shown in Orange
Capital Kabor-Rus, Ka
Largest city Ytallia
  others Dravimos
Religion Kaboric Monotheism
Demonym Caborr
Government Federal Constitutional Republic
Consul Rhia Sota
Consul Yanjril Unruks
Currency Kaboric Krysil

The Caborr State is a nation that occupies a section of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is an associative state of the Dravimosian Empire, independent in its laws, economics, and culture but dependent in terms of protection.


Early Struggles

The Caborr species was originally one of two sentient species on their home planet of Ka, the other being the Pyondriskul. Modern analysis proves that the Caborr and Pyondriskul were from the same genetic family. Due to severe primitive xenophobia, several inter-species wars commenced. The larger Caboric tribes were victorious, resulting in the exile of the remaining Pyondriskul to the subarctic northern continent. 

Technological Advances

As a race, the Caborr developed technology relatively quickly, evolving from various city-states into nuclear nations in the span of close to 2000 years.

The period of Antiquity saw several powerful city-states evolve near the planet's equator, where there was much fertile ground for farming. This gave these city-states the ability to sustain large populations, anywhere from ten million to 50 million inhabitants in the larger empires. A plague, first recorded in the northern Woquth Empire, began to spread throughout the Empires. At its height, it killed almost half of the planet's population. Many of the Caborr believed the plague was caused by the Pyondriskul, who were considered to be unclean and animalistic. The plague brought all of the Empires crashing down, and the survivors reverted to their tribal roots.

Several small city-states in the southern hemisphere began implementing the use of the old technology, and subsequently began a period of massive expansion. A cultural and technological renaissance ensued, as the ideas and inventions began to spread more quickly. 

Many of these empires started expanding by way of colonization. Areas with fertile areas for production of cash crops were most commonly claimed, since the Caborr species was inclined towards agriculture, as well as land for seaports and infrastructure. Large plantations sprang up, and started producing large quantities of raw materials. Initially, most of the workers were servants who owed a debt to the owner or to the state. This changed in favor of using Pyondriskul slaves. These slaves did not have to be paid, and were afforded a lower standard of living than the Caborr workers. 


The Civil Rights movement swept across the planet, advocating for equal rights for all Caborr. While the Caborr were gaining right and standards, many saw it as superiority over the Pyondriskul. The laborers were frequently abused by their masters, sometimes bearing their children. These 'mixed' children were considered undesirable, and treated as the pure-blooded Pyondriskul.

After one Pyondriskul laborer was violated by an overseer, her husband , Jahomaa, and several of the other males (the Pyondriskul still adhered to strict gender roles), attacked and killed the offending overseer. This was met by retaliation from the other Caborr on the plantation. However, they were severely outnumbered. Jahomaa's rebellion spread to nearby plantations, and eventually involved a major part of the Pyondriskul population. 

As a last resort to quell the overwhelming rebellion, Caborr leaders released a necrotoxin into the air that targeted the Pyondriskul. The toxin killed 95% of the Pyondriskul population living in the Caborr nations. Those that survived, along with the hybrid offspring, were sent back to the northern continent, and replaced by new types of agricultural technology. 


During the forced removal of all Pyondriskul from the Caborr nations to northern reservations, known as the 'Journey of Sadness', a new plague swept through the remaining Pyondriskul population, killing all of the remaining pure bloods. The 'mixed' Pyondriskul population was not affected, and was still relocated to the north. 

A large split occurred in ideologies. A revivalist civil rights movement occurred in the western nations, only targeting the Pyondriskul. The younger westerners leading the movement began to denounce the 'outdated fearful ideals of [their] forefathers'. This was met by fierce resistance in the east. As a result of this, a cold war ensued. By the time off-world contact was made, rights for the Pyondriskul were guaranteed on both sides, but the feud continued on. 


By this time, the xenophobia from the Pyondriskul had weakened, making the Caborr race more open to contact with the alien species (who were still referred to as 'Off-Worlders'). The east quickly took advantage of the situation, becoming a client state of one of the larger civilizations, the Dravimosian Empire. The countries in the east were then re-organized into their present-day districts. The State is mainly a breadbasket for itself and the Dravimosian Empire.

The west formed it's own interstellar union with two other species, the Itbriell and the Ahlose, forming the Ahlose alliance. Unlike their eastern counterparts, the geo-political structure remained intact, and all of the nations are in a political union within the Alliance. The west, which had long been advancing scientifically, became the research branch of the confederacy, as well as the breadbasket. The Ahlose ran most of the governmental operations, while the Itbriell trained a majority of the Alliance's soldiers.

Since the 'Great Divide', as it is called, tensions have ebbed, and the two sides have again established formal relations with one another.


Home Planet Countries Provinces Labelled
The Caborr homeworld of Ka is larger than compared to Earth, about 1.5 times bigger. Also similar to Earth, it's surface comprises of about 75% water. It features large swaths of lush tropics, with little landmass near the poles. 

Note that the northern continent, Woquth, is still politically divided from the Pyondriskul banishment there. Both sides have territory there. 


There are nine districts in the Caborr State, each specializing in a particular industry. The Noracariia District is the largest producer of crops. The Annala District supplies livestock and some crops, particularly grains. The Koru District produces fish and seafood, both through aquaculture and traditional fishing. The Vetaa district is the center of transportation because of it's location, sporting a large number of seaports, airports, and spaceports. The Freyadai District is the largest supplier of mined and mineral goods because of the large mountain range running through the middle of the district (because of this it is culturally North and South Freyadai). The Arsenalt District is the center of manufacturing in the State, and is the headquarters of many major companies. The Junhuai District's main industry is power, housing the majority of the State's solar, wind, and tidal power generators, as well as some geothermal plants in the north. It's secondary industry is seafood production. The Avalos district is the most isolated, and houses most of the State's citizens with Pyondriskul ancestry. The Capital District, which is one megalopolis consisting of several different cities, coordinates inter-state relations as well as off-world relations.

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