Caborca is a small city in and the seat of Wembler County, Arizona, and is the state's southernmost settlement, located almost directly on the Mexican border, where the US Border Patrol operates the local Caborca Border Crossing, the only such crossing for several hundred miles. Drug wars have occasionally sent stray shots across the border into the town, while illegal immigrants almost constantly pass through, with countless being caught by both local police and US Border Guards, after which they are almost always sent back to Mexico. Caborca is often frequented by adventure-seeking tourists seeking to cross into Mexico, and rubberneckers trying to get a glimpse of ongoing violence in neighboring Sonora, but with a population of around 28,700 the local economy is supported in part by a highly profitable copper clean mine north of the city, while industry, farming, and a series of small businesses support much of the remainder. Caborca's water and sewage is partly obtained through a water extractor at Atil to the east, while the rest is piped from the Rocky Point Desalination Plant on the Gulf of California to the northwest.

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