The Cabinet of Ministers (officially His Majesty the Emperor's Cabinet of Ministers) of the French Empire are the highest level of civilian executive authority in the Empire, subservient only to the Emperor. The Cabinet convenes two to three times a week regularly at the State Ministry and convenes at the Emperor's discretion at the Imperial Palace; there are designated rooms for these meetings at each location. By law, the head of the Cabinet is the State Minister unless the Emperor is present at a formal meeting of the Cabinet, in which case he is merely the presiding officer.

Non-Ministerial positions in the Cabinet include the Colonial Attaches for Canada, Algeria, West Africa, Singapore and Hindustan, the Colonial Representative for the Golden Quarter, the Chairman of the Banque de France, and the Director of Ministerial Coordination. The Chiefs of Staff of the various Ministers often attend as well, although lower-ranking staff members of the individul Ministers or their deputies and undersecretaries typically are not asked or permitted to attend Cabinet meetings.

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