'Glorious' Nation of CWCville (Ruckerville)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Christopher is Great"
(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Christopher-ism (Officially) 1%, Paganism (Celtic and Norse) 92% and Secular 7%
Demonym CWCville Citizen
Government Non Partian Constutional "Republic" with CWC-ist elements (Claim)

Non Partian CWC-ist Autocratic Dictatorship (Actual)

"Mayor" Christopher W. Chandler (2011-)
Area 100 miles? km²
Population 6,000+ (2011) 
Established Circa 2007-08
Independence from N/A
  declared Circa 2010
  recognized N/A
Currency Quarters and CWC Dollars
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
CWCville is an Mostly Independent Micronation due found since 2010 put claim been longer than 2002 and not every nation and even micronations cant support existance of CWCville. And he created this first genetically engineered pet and "son" Sonichu from nation finest Biotechnology center...

Government & Politics

According to Official CWCville website, CWCville was founded in 2002 by Chris's father and [actual] founder of CWCville, Bob Chandler. Why he would name a city after his only son is never explained right. And only Gods knows why it wasn't called RFCville, as all records of Mayor Bob's mayorship — in fact, all symbols of the old regime — have been erased (like the Roman practice of damnatio memoriae, where all records of a traitor (statues, inscriptions, etc.) are erased after his death). It is unknown if Bob died before passing CWCville over to his son, as he has yet to be proven by Christopher himself.


CWCville runs under a "unintended" command economy which Chris has near-total control over: the radio station and soft drink company are named after the Mayor, which indicates either nationalization of normally private businesses or rampant cronyism. The banning of goods that the Mayor disapproves of has also contributed to the city's financial troubles. Tobacco, unhealthy as it may be, is illegal to sell, possess or consume, despite the multibillion dollar value of the industry, which by all reasonable analysis, means it is very likely one of the single most-smuggled contraband items into CWCville writ large, fetching black marketeers windfall profits.

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