1863: CS troops under Robert E. Lee capture Washington, D.C. after crossing the Potomac River in the middle of the the night. Kentucky secedes and joins the CSA. Meanwhile, France recognizes the CSA. December 7th, Treaty of Paris ends the war of Southern Independence. The terms are as follow:

-The CSA becomes independent.

-The CSA has possession of all of New Mexico, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

-The USA is forced to pay war repairations to the CSA for damages caused by Union troops.

-The city of Erie goes to the CSA for a Great Lakes naval base, due to its capture in 1862 by CS troops.

-The USA will give the CSA 20 ironclad warships.

1864: The CSA and France sign a military pact targeted at Britain and the USA. The USA retaliates by signing an alliance with Britain.

1865: France annexes all of Mexico, and gives Chihuahua, Sonora, and all of Baja California to the CSA for 2 million dollars. The CSA begins its own transcontinental railroad from Washington D.C. to the Pacific coast.

1866: The USA goes to war with Russia and occupies Alaska. The Treaty of St. Petersburg ends the war on December 17th, 1866.


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