A list of States which are bound together to create the Confederate States of America.


Name CSPS Flag Date Population Capital Most Populous city
Alabama AL
Alabama 1861 Obverse
February 8th, 1861 4,708,708 Montgomery Birmingham
Arizona AZ
Flag of Arizona
January 1st, 1869 7,971,543 Phoenix Las Vegas
Arkansas AR
Flag of Arkansas
May 6th, 1861 2,889,450 Little Rock Little Rock
Cuba CU
May 20th, 1901 11,236,444 Havana Havana
Florida FL
January 10th, 1861 18,537,969 Tallahassee Jacksonville
Georgia GA
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state)
February 18, 1861 9,829,211 Atlanta Atlanta
Jefferson JF
Jefferson state flag
January 1st, 1865 2,009,671 Santa Fe Albuquerque
Kansas KS
December 24th, 1864 2,818,747 Topeka Wichita
Kentucky KY
Flag of Kentucky
May 20th, 1861 4,314,113 Frankfort Louisville
Louisiana LA
Flag of Louisiana (January 1861)
February 8th, 1861 4,410,796 Baton Rouge New Orleans
Mississippi MS
Flag of Mississippi (1861-1894)
February 8th, 1861 2,938,618 Jackson Jackson
Missouri MO
Flag of Missouri
October 31, 1861 5,987,580 Jefferson City Kansas City
North Carolina NC
800px-North Carolina 1861.svg
May 20th, 1861 9,380,884 Raleigh Charlotte
Sequoyah SE
December 25th, 1864 3,687,050 Sequoyah City Sequoyah City
South Carolina SC
South Carolina Flag (Federalist Failure)
February 8th, 1861 4,561,242 Columbia Columbia
Texas TX
March 2nd, 1861 24,782,302 Austin Houston
Tennessee TN
Flag of Tennessee
May 7th, 1861 6,296,254 Nashville Memphis
Virginia VA
Flag of Virginia
April 17th, 1861 9,702,367 Norfolk Virginia Beach

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