Córdobian Civil war





Caliphate of Córdoba


Revolt repressed

Moorish-Berber political and cultural union

Cementing of Umayyad dynasty


Hisham II's Loyalists

Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir's Successionists


Hisham II

Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir


Moorish Loyalists

Berber allies

Berber Mercenaries

Córdobian dissidents

Casualties and Losses




The Córdobian Civil war was a conflict inside of the Caliphate of Córdoba, with Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir openly revolting against the ruling Caliph Hisham II in 1004. Muhammad brought in mercenaries from north Africa to take over, but Hisham had enough followers inside of Córdoba at the time to repel the initial attempt. He immediately sent word to Berbers in north Africa who his grandfather Abd-ar-Rahman III helped to come to his aid, in exchange for a political union of Moors and Berbers if successful. Hisham had promised them the title of Chancellor, Muhammad's job under him; effectively a second in command. The Berbers agreed and sent troops back, and once joined to the Loyalist army hunted Muhammad down and he was quickly executed.


Main Article: Moorish-Berber Unionification

The result was such that the Berbers would now control the position of Chancellor within the Córdobian Caliphate, a position that would grow with power with each passing Caliph; and with this newly acquired mandate sought the once independent Berber tribes to come under their united banner. This show of strength is considered the precursor to The Caliphate Wars.

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