Avar Invasion (part of the Avar Wars)


Migration Period (on a large scale)


Avar Campaign (part of the Avar Wars)
Conquest of the Visigoths
Obordite War
Dacian War

Slav Expulsion
Bulgar Expulsion





the Balkans south of the Danube, Adriatic coast


Byzantine-Western victory;
Most Slav tribes expulsed
Remaining surviving tribes swear loyalty to the Byzantine Empire

Major battles:

Thessalian Front
Histrian Front
Moesio-Pannonian Front


Constantinople-Banner Byzantine Empire
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire Empire of the West

Bulgar Empire:
Tribes Repentant
Expulsed Slavs


Constantinople-Banner Emperor Anastasius
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire Emperor Alahus Kaeso Lombardus Bavarus
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire Lorenzo Aripert Ciompi, Duke of Tuscia
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire Alfonso Cunincpert Beneventi, Duke of Benevento

Khan Asparukh
Khan/Tsar Tervel




Casualties and Losses



The Byzantine Expulsion was a process by which (mostly Lombard) armies expurged several Slavic tribes from the territories south of the Danube (which they had invaded a few years previous) or to extract from them vows of loyalty to the Byzantine Empire. It was a great success, leading Slavic tribes to flee north into Dacia and the Avar lands, while some Bulgars and other Slavs were allowed to remain in Moesia establishing the vassal Tsardom of Bulgaria. The area not only bought Byzantium enough time so to recover from the defeats in the Middle East but also created several strong Byzantine allies to help defend the land, established Moesia as a place for settlement of mercenaries and other non-Greek elements and establish closer Western-Romanian bounds.

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