Roman Empire
Βασιλεία 'Pωμαίων (Greek)
Imperium Romanum (Latin)

Timeline: Burgundy Survives
ByzantineFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Greek, Latin
  others other languages
Monarch Michael XIV
Prime Minister name of chief of government
Area area km²
Population population 
Independence from Roman Empire
  declared 392 AD
  recognized 392 AD
Currency Denarius


Government and Politics


Prefecture Capital Theme Capital
Achea Athens Aegean Islands Mitylene
Cephalenia Corfu
Crete Chandax
Dyrrhachium Dyrrhachium
Hellas Athens
Nicopolis Nicopolis
Peloponnesus Corinth
Thessalonica Salonica
Bulgaria Skopia Castoria Castoria
Skopia Skopia
Vidin Vidin
Asia Ephesus Anatolia Iconium
Cappadocia Podandus
Cibyrrhaeot Attalea
Ephesus Ephesus
Opsikon Nicaea
Samos Smyrna
Thracesion Sardis
Pontus Ancyra Aremanica Amasia
Bucellarion Ancyra
Castoria Castoria
Chaldia Trapezus
Charsianon Caesarea
Cherson Cherson
Colonea Colonea
Lycandos Iconium
Mesopotamia Manzikert
Optimaton Nicomedea
Sebastea Sebastea
Syria Antioch Antioch Antioch
Cilica Tarsas
Cyprus Constantia
Seleucia Seleucia
Thrace Constantiople Haemiont Varna
Macedonia Adrianopole
Strymon Philippopolis
Thrace Constantinople
ByzantineFlag   Members of the Byzantine Colonial Empire   ByzantineFlag

Basilicum | Byzantine Empire | Constantia | New Anatolia | New Macedonia | New Thrace

Dependencies and Colonies

Boriken | Byzantine Antarctic Territory | Byzantine Australia | Byzanine Central Africa | Byzantine East Indies | Byzantine Polynesia | Byzantine Guinea | New Achea | New Cappadocia

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