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This article is about the Byzantine state existing during the The Barbarian Empire, 1099-1278.



Despots of Constantinople


In Rhodes

In Constantinople

Civil War

Rurikid Restoration

Elegemites (Cypriot) Dynsaty

Petzikopoulos (Nicean) Dynasty

Dependent States


Topics on the Barbarian Empire

  • Tagmata
  • The Most Noble Senate
  • Byzantine Tzardom
  • Tax in Men
  • Byzantine Army
  • Byzantine Navy
  • Prince-Bishops
  • Skomoroshina
  • Diplomatic Protocol
  • Titles and Nobility

Nations of the Barbarian Empire

  • Russians
  • Greeks
  • Bulgars and Vlachs
  • Serbs and Croats
  • Kipchaks and Pechenegs
  • Alans and Circassians
  • Georgians
  • Armenians
  • Turks and Kurds
  • Sicilians
  • Italians
  • Cheremis
  • Lithuanians
  • Crusaders
  • Mongols
  • Syrians and Arabs
  • Jews
  • Varangians

Notable Characters

  • Generals
  • Courtiers
  • Writers
  • Rulers
  • Rebels
  • Churchmen

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