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The wars between the Seljuks in Anatolia and the Byzantine empire was a series of campaigns which aimed to reconquer or conquer territories from each other. The result ended with a Byzantine victory at the Siege of Erzurum.

Byzantine-Seljuk War (1185-1241)





The collapse of the Rum, the rise of Byzantium as a superpower


Basileia Rhomaion

Sultanate of Rum Seljuk Sultanate

  • Alexios II Komenos
  • Isaac II Angelos-Komnenos
  • Alexios IV Angelos-Komnenos
  • 'Izz al-Din Kilij Arslan II
  • Giyath al-Din Kaykhusraw I
  • Rukn al-Din Suleiman II
  • Kilij Arslan III



Casualties and Losses




Seljuk invasions 1069 CE and Manzinkert

The Alexiad

Isaac's reconquest and the third crusade

Alexios IV and victory against Rum

Byzantine-Arab attackers

Kaykhusraw II leading troops In the end he was killed in battle and his stronghold captured soon after

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