New World Order

The War on Cuba

In 1955 Harry F. Byrd dies early of brain cancer which means he won’t take votes from Nixon and Richard Nixon applies more toward the civil rights movement and launches a dirty campaign on John F. Kennedy’s religion - Catholicism - during the election of 1960 and Richard Nixon narrowly wins and becomes president of the United States but after the election he appointed JFK as a diplomat to the USSR but immediately after he was appointed president his first policy was to try to overthrow the Fidel Castro government in Cuba backed by the USSR so in the first days of his presidency he thought of how then on July 4, 1962 a chemical weapons attack in Miami, Florida killed 132 people and Richard Nixon placed the blame on Cuba then on July 18, 1962 the last straw was when “a Cuban” patrol vessel attacked and captured American fishermen Robert Lawrence and Louis Patterson off the coast of the key west islands and Nixon send 100 special ops to release the two men and after operation Shell and with all this controversy with Cuba the USSR was reluctant to aid them a discussion they will later regret failed Nixon gave address to congress  and demanded a declaration of war and so did 88% of the public and so to do a demand for revenge and public pressure they declared war on Cuba in the morning of July 19, 1962 the draft was issued and in just three months 15,000 US soldiers and 1600 Cuban refugee volunteers mobilized at the key west islands  and on September 5, 1962 the Soviet Union send a warning to the USA which it was rejected 

Invasion of Cuba 

On October 13, 1962 5000 colonial marines landed 5 miles from Manzanillo, Cuba and U.S aircraft bombard Havana the capital of Cuba and various other cities to disturb their economic capacity as they did with Nazi Germany during World war II on the next morning Manzanillo is captured and the U.S bombards the military defenses in the city of Santiago de Cuba while the roughly 5000 colonial marines expand inward toward the town of Yara where they engaged with stiff resistance from the Cuban military and on October 22, 1962 The Cuban volunteer corp and 3000 marines landed on the beaches of Santiago de Cuba by 5:45 pm the Cuban volunteers captured town hall and the military arsenal and by 7 pm the Cuban military completely withdrawal from southern Cuba after they lost the battle of Yara which happened on the same day by November 15, 1962 most of the country is in American hands and Fidel Castro secretly escapes on a plane during the night and flew to Chile the next day Havana was captured but Fidel was nowhere to be seen but it did lead to the capture of 500 Cuban soldiers and the overthrow of the Castro government 

Castro needs help

On November 16, 1962 Fidel Castro sends a message for help to the Warsaw pact on the morning of November 18, 1962 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev reads the message and after he was done reading it he crushed it in his hands and called his commander-in-chief Matvei Zakharov when he entered the room he asked “what is it premier?” he responded “get the military up and call our allies and tell them to prepare in case a war starts” MatveI agreed and went to call the soviet union’s allies and on November 24, 1962 he send a small shipment of chemical weapons to Castro to weaken the American military in Cuba but not use on civilians and Castro promised on November 28, 1962 Castro loyalists or the Cuban Liberation Army (CLA) deployed a chemical attack on the American base in Havana killing 98 soldiers and on December 15, 1962 the CLA deployed two chemical attacks on town hall and Guantanamo Bay killing a total of 16 soldiers, five government officials, and unintentionally 67 civilians then the CLA fought the American-backed Cuban volunteer militia and the CLW (Cuban Left Wing) in the streets of Santiago de Cuba and Havana sparking the Second Cuban Revolution between the CVM/CLW and the CLA then on March 3, 1963 the Soviets send another warning this time with the threat of nuclear warfare Nixon took it has a fear tactic by the Soviets to scare America out of Cuba so he did nothing and continued on however he would later regret do nothing about that threat. 

March 5, 1963 “The Day of Hell” and the aftermath

Two days after the threat of nuclear war alarms rang at NORAD alerting them that 100 intercontinental ballistic missiles were coming panic and dread filled the command center the general calls president Nixon for the go ahead Nixon gives him the permission to fire back and soon the USA launched all of their missiles at the USSR but it turns out that it was actually a computer glitch in the system which mistaken one’s with zero’s but it was too far too late the Soviets were nuked and the Soviets then launched their own missiles and by the evening of March 5 people fled to their local bunkers has the sirens of war ringed throughout the country then by the morning hours of March 6 40 American cities were nuked people who didn’t manage to get to a bunker were either turned into ash and bones or suffered severe third-degree burns or radiation poisoning and thousands of people were lost to the blazing fire clouds of the bombs but it’s the aftermath that brought not only America’s downfall but the near-extinction of mankind after March 6 Richard Nixon declared a state of emergency and begun to provide aid to the survivors shortly in the next few months after the day of hell acres of crops died and the world fell into a thermonuclear winter and entered Dark Winter. Gradually millions more people died of famine then on September 15, 1963 food shortages and lack of medical aid sparked the creation of the People's Army which was a group of mixed ideologies from libertarians to communist protesting on the streets of the capital and was met with police batons, savage police dogs, tear gas, and water hoses the protest then turned to a brawl between protesters and the police and after the Washington riots 200 died and further worse on February 7, 1964 a military coup overthrew Nixon and congress and installed a military regime that temporarily suspended the constitution and Nixon along with a few dozen cabinet members were executed the next day.

After the overthrow many Americans were ticked off about the coup and soon in the snowy summer of 1964 a revolutionary army called the ALF (American Liberation Front) formed to counter the regime on August 6, 1964 17 cities were under ALF control and soon the Regime was forced to withdraw troops from Cuba to the USA, however, it wasn’t long until multiple military revolts flared up and by 1965 the remaining US government collapsed along with its rival the USSR.

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