Timeline: European Victory Mark II

OTL equivalent: Belarus
Flag of Byeloslavia Coat of Arms of Byeloslavia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Byeloslavia
Location of Byeloslavia

Победы,Белаcлавия (Russian)
("Victory, Byeloslavia!")

Anthem "Наша окончательная победа"
(and largest city)
Other cities Mazyr, Žlobin
  others Belarusian
Ethnic Groups
93.4% Belarusians
  others 5.9% Russians

0.7% Ukrainians

Demonym Byeloslavian
Government Parliamentary Semi-Presidential Republic
  legislature Byeloslavian Council
President Iosif Borisovich Krymov
Premier Dannik Nikolaev
Area 40,361.66 km2
Population 1,426,674 
Established 18th of May, 2013
Independence from Belarus
  declared 23rd of May, 2013
  recognized Limited recognition
Currency Russian ruble
Time Zone FET (UTC+3)
Calling Code +422
Internet TLD .byl

Byeloslavia is a nation formed in Belarus' former Gomel Region in 2013 in the aftermath of the Pro-Russian unrest in Belarus and the war in Gomel. It's a landlocked nation that's bordered by Belarus to the north-west, Russia to the east, and Ukraine to the south. Belarus only has limited recognition, only being recognized by Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and few others.



Byeloslavia was formed in 2013, in the wake of the war in Gomel. While not official, it was established the 18th of May and was the name of the rebel coalition forces in Belarus. It was established a few days in the aftermath of the war in Gomel. Iosif Borisovich Krymov, leader of the rebel forces, signed a document in preparations for found Byeloslavia, but only several hours later, Belarus, under pressure of Russia, offered a peace treaty in which it gave Byeloslavia the Gomel region.

Soon-to-be President Krymov signed this treaty, in which Byeloslavia become a national nation. While its independence has yet to be recognized by most, Byeloslavia is slowly becoming an official nation.


The Byeloslavian military is composed of the Byeloslavian Armed Forces, for ground operations, the Byeloslavian Navy, for the usage of ships, and the Byeloslavian Air force. While the latter was launched only recently, it was deemed effective.

International recognition

Byeloslavia, while new and formally founded, has only been recognized by few states as of current, these include Russia, Lithuania and Belarus respectively.

Role in European Victory Mark II

Byeloslavia has played a role in the war in Gomel, and is a product of a properly released nation, like Novorossiya would have been.

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