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Burma (Fatherlands)

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Union of Burma
Timeline: Fatherlands
Flag of Burma (1948-1974) State seal of Burma (1948-1974)
Flag Coat of Arms
733px-Location Burma (Myanmar) ASEAN.svg
Anthem: Kaba Ma Kyei
Capital: Rangoon
Largest city: Rangoon
Language: Burmese
Ethnic group: Burmese
Type of government: semi-presidential republic
  government: Representative democracy
President: Min Ko Naing
Prime minister: Min Ko Naing
Area: 623,219 km²
Population: 60,280,000 
Established: 1948
HDI: 0.520
Currency: kyat
Internet TLD: .br
Calling code: 95
Organizations: United Nations, ASEAN

Union of Burma, common as Burma, is a republic located in Southeast Asia.

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