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Union of Myanmar
Pyi-daung-zu Myan-ma Naing-ngan-daw
1948 –
Flag of Myanmar (1974-2010) State seal of Burma (1974-2008)
Kaba Ma Kyei
Burma as of June 1st, 2008.
Capital Naypyidaw
Official language Burmese
State ideology Authoritarian State
Government Military Junta
Head of State
- 2005 –
Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council
Sr. Gen. Than Shwe
Head of Government
- 2005 –
Prime Minister
Gen. Thein Sein
Area 676,578 km²
Population 55,390,000 (2006 est.)
Currency kyat

The Union of Myanmar is a military junta state in civil war in South East Asia. With the pro-democracy "Army of the People," under full US support, the Military Junta has been supposedly seeking aide from China.

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