Kingdom of Buria
— Free Kingdom of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Poland
Germanic Flag edited
Flag of Burland
Kingdom of Buria
Location of Burland
(and largest city)
Burstadt (Czernowit)
Burian (Burisch)
  others Cimbrian (Cimbrisch)
Religion Norse Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Cotini, Langobardi, Mixi, Norn, Ulmerugi, Zumi, Toxandri
Government Free Kingdom
  legislature King and Dukes of Buria
Established 1216 (463 AD)
Admission 1220 (467 AD)

A Short History of Buria

Buria was established by the medium sized tribe known as the Burians who chose to remain independent rather than join the Vistual Kingsom. The Burians had many strategic lands under their control, a control which extended to before their domination by the Romans. The Burians were very connected to their lands and were almost offended by the invitation of the Vistula Kingdoms. The Vistula King, Gandalfr, started a short summer campaign in the year 1218 (465 AD) between the end of the Second War for the North and the uniting of the Kingdoms into the Cimbrian Alliance. This small war ended with the Burian independence though some of their communities had been seized by the stronger forces of the Vistula. The Burians had their freedom but were still dissatisfied with the way the war ended. This began a rivalry between these kingdoms which would extend long after the uniting of these several Kingdoms. General Fryderyk of Czernowitz kept most of the Burian territory from being taken by the Vistula and was declared King of Buria by the Dukes which remained in the coutnry.

Kings of Buria

King Fryderyk 1218- (465- AD)


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