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Duchy of Burgundy

Duché de Bourgogne

Ducatus Burgundiae
Timeline: Mundus Aquilae
OTL equivalent: Duchy of Burgundy
Ancient Flag of Burgundy.svg Arms of the Duke of Burgundy (1364-1404).svg
Coat of arms
Karte Haus Burgund 4 EN.png
Burgundian and Netherlandish territories ruled by Duke Charles the Bold 1467–1477
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages Oïl languages (Old French), Low Franconian languages (Middle Dutch)
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  Duke
Legislature Estates-General
 -  Enfeoffed to House of Burgundy 1032 
 -  Hundred Years' War 1337 – 1453 
 -  Order of the Golden Fleece 1430 
 -  Burgundian Wars 1477 

The Duchy of Burgundy (Latin: Ducatus Burgundiae, French: Duché de Bourgogne, Dutch: Hertogdom Bourgondië) was a duchy in Europe which came into existence in 1032. The Duchy of Burgundy was considered one of the larger divisions of the lands of the Kingdom of the Burgundians, coming to own considerable possession of numerous French and Imperial fiefs in the Low Countries, known as the Burgundian Netherlands. Burgundy emerged as a remnant of the Frankish realm of Lotharingia, and became one of the larger ducal territories in the empire at the emergence of the early modern period.