Duchy of Burgundy
Timeline: Bella Gerant Alii
Flag of Cross of Burgundy
Flag of Duchy of Burgundy
Location of Duchy of Burgundy
Capital Dijon (to 1873)

Cologne (1873-2047)

Largest city Marseille
Language French, Burgundian
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others German
Demonym Burgundian
Government Absolute monarchy
Duke of Burgundy
  Ducal house: House of Bourbon
Independence from France
  declared 1032
Annexation to Aquitaine
  date 1847
Organizations Holy Roman Empire
The Duchy of Burgundy is a state that exists in the Bella Gerant Alii timeline. After defeating the French in the Hundred Years War, The Burgundians divided French territory between themselves and the English. However, the declaration of Aquitanian independence and de facto Breton independence meant much of France's former territory was out of reach.

As the Duke of Burgundy retains lands within the Holy Roman Empire, he is nominally a vassal of the Emperor; a title held by the Austrian Habsburg dynasty.


Conflict with Brittany

In 1490, the Second Breton War of Succession was waged between Brittany and Burgundy. The Breton faction was aided by Aquitanian and Austrian troops, as well as financial support from Hibernia. The Burgundians had English allies from Normandy, commanded by Prince Henry.

The three year war led to the decisive defeat of Duke John III and the Peace of Nantes, recognising Breton independence and the cessation of Burgundian claims to Brittany.

Breton-Aquitanian Marriage

The marriage of Duchess Henrietta of Brittany and Duke Francis III of Aquitaine led to the annexation of Brittany into Aquitaine. However, as the marriage was conducted without Duke Peter I's permission, he subjected a large part of the new Duchy as vassals.

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