Burat Khagan
Burat Khan.jpg
Khagan of the Kievan Horde
Reign 19 October 1533 - Incumbent
Investiture 23 October 1533
Predecessor Title created
Khan of the Kazakh Khanate
Reign 23 May 1529 - Incumbent
Predecessor Tahir Khan
Heir Karey Beg (son)
Issue Karey (M) Burak (M) Karym (M) Bulal (M) Sezim (F) Anara (F)
Regnal name
Burat Khan (1529-1533)

Burat Khagan (1533-Present)

Languages Kazakh, Turkish
House Beg
Father Adik Beg
Mother Sultana Nigar
Born Burat Beg
12 August 1491
Turkistan, Kazakh Khanate
Burat Khan, latter known as Burat Khagan, was the Khan of the Kazakh Khanate from 1529 until his death. Nephew of Kasym Khan, who overthrew the Borgijins, Burat Khan is remembered for his role in the modernization of the Khanate. He also became involved in the reforms of the Kievan Horde alongwith Giray Khan of the Crimean Khanate and was elected as its first Khagan in 1533.


Early Life

Burat Khan was born in 1491 of Adik Beg and his wife Sultana Nigar, daughter of Yunus Khan from Moghulistan. At the time, his uncle was just a simple Baqaq under Burunduk Khan. In the following years, his father and uncle were able to climb in ranks, and during the first decade of the 16th century, his uncle became the true power in the Khanate.

His uncle deposed Burunduk Khan when Burat was 20 years old. His father, for his support to Kasym, was made Khan along him, although only nominaly. Following the death of his father Adik, Kasym Khan married his mother, after which Burat was given important military positions in the army.

When his uncle died in 1518, a powerful Baqaq named Mumash was elected as the new Khan. Due to the young age of his cousins, Burat became Baqaq of his Clan and head of House Beg. He distinguished himself in various military conflicts with his friend Tahir, another Baqaq who had influence on Mumash Khan.

In 1523, Mumash Khan died, and with the help of Burat Tahir was elected Khan. Burat rapidly became his number two, following him almost everywhere and receiving more and more powers as times went on. Thair Khan, who was childless, made it clear that he wanted Burat to inherit the Khanate, which happened when Tahir Khan died in 1529, allowing Burat to become Khan, restoring House Beg at the head of the Khanate.

Khan of the Kazakhs

After he was elected Khan, one of his first actions was to destroy some colonies of Russia, killing or enslaving the settlers. Due to this, he received threats from the Tsar, but was also supported by the Ottoman Sultan, who sent him gunpowder weapons and Ottoman advisors. This was followed by the growing relations between the Ottoman Empire and the Kazakh Khanate, which allowed Burat Khan to gain access to the gunpowder weapons of the Ottoman Empire for his troops.

In the early 1530's, he would grow close to Giray Khan, Khan of the Khanate of Crimea, who's succeeded the founder of the Kievan Horde. Together, they would help the reform of the Kievan Horde from a simple alliance to a decentralized Khaganate, with one military ruler at his head. The following year, Burat Khan was elected as the first Khagan of the Kievan Horde.

Khagan of the Kievan Horde

His election as Khagan also marked the first challenge of the Kievan Horde when a Crimena noble was possibly assassinated by a Nogai. This lead to a punitive expedition against the Nogai Khanate, which ended in a failure and the annexation of the Nogai by Russia. Following this, the Horde was weaken, but trust had return among its members.

Once against, Burat was faced with Russian expansionism, which came in conflict with both the Kazakh Khanate and the Kievan Horde, especially after they financed troops to attack the Crimean Khanate. Burat Khagan attacked the Russian settlers, killing them with brutality and violence, which lead to his depiction as a savage barbarian by Christian chroniclers. Russia tried to end the problem by buying lands from the Kazakhs, but Burat Khagan refused.


Burat Khagan had ultiple concubines, but only had 6 children from them:

  • Karey (M): 24 February 1519 -
  • Burak (M): 17 August 1526 -
  • Karym (M): 20 June 1528 -
  • Bulal (M): 06 October 1531 -
  • Sezim (F): 14 August 1533 -
  • Anara (F): 30 November 1535 -

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