Germany comprises 36 states which are collectively referred to as Länder. Each state has its own state constitution and is largely autonomous in regard to its internal organisation. Because of differences in size and population the subdivisions of these states vary, especially as between city states (Stadtstaaten) and states with larger territories (Flächenländer).

States of Germany

State Capital Area (mi2) Population Flag Coat of Arms
Berlin n/a 573 1,400,000 800px-Flag of Berlin (state) svg 365px-Coat of arms of Berlin svg
Hamburg n/a 321.5536 1,100,000 Flag of Hamburg Coat of arms of Hamburg
Lübeck n/a 82.68 216,253 60px Wappen Lübeck
Bremen n/a 126.15 557,464 Flag of Bremen 60px

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