This is an incredibly realistic simulation of what would happen if the Croatian army led by Tomislav was destroyed by the Bulgarians in the Bosnian Highlands. The Bulgarians were devastated by that battle, which made them peace with the Croatian leader, Tomislav. The Bulgarian army which was used in the battle was the army which the Bulgarian army was going to use against Byzantium. If they had easily won the battle, first the Croatians would get wrecked which would give 70% of the Balkans to the Bulgarians. Then the Byzantine capital, which was in the brink of the border would be captured, which would make Bulgaria control all of the remaining Balkan territories.

The war against Byzantium

Bulgaria would continue going deeper into Croatia, Croatian capital is captured, leading to their downfall. The Byzantines ally with Croatia during the war as they were allied before, The Bulgarians, distracted in Croatia, ask for support. As, The pope, friends with the Bulgarian Emperor decides to send support to Bulgaria. Finally Bulgaria is finished with, Croatia and the remaining forces march down into Byzantine territory, they engage is Macedonia, where the Byzantines had attacked. Quickly the Byzantines are pushed back to Greece and Constantinople. The major parts of the great Bulgarian army attack Constantinople, making it a 1 month siege. Bulgaria converts to Roman Catholicism, getting more support from the Pope. Constantinople is captured, Constantine is sent to exile in Hungary. Bulgaria then, becomes the major role in the crusades and crushed Muslim forces in Anatolia.

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