Bulgarian Tsardom
Царство България
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria Coat of arms of Bulgaria (version by constitution)
Flag Coat of arms
Third Bulgar Empire 1460's borders
Bulgaria surrounded by its neighbors circa 1464

Съединението прави силата (Bulgaro-Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Albanian.)
("Unity makes strength")

Anthem "Shumi Maritsa"
(and largest city)
Other cities Tarnovo, Targoviste, Adrianograd, Belgrade, Sofiya, Sarajevo
Language Bulgaro-Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Albanian.
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish
Demonym Bulgarian
Government Absolute Feudal Monarchy
  legislature Monarchy Government
Population 3,755,712 
Currency Lev (BGN)

The Third' Bulgarian Empire or just Bulgarian Empire' (Bulgarian:  българско царство, Vtorо Bălgarskо Tsartsvo) is a medieval Bulgarian state that has existed between 1185 and 1396 or 1422 and finally again in 1462 under the rulership of a joint Bulgar-Wallacho family. A successor to the First Bulgarian Empire, it reached the peak of its power under Tsars Kaloyan and Ivan Asen II before gradually being conquered by the Ottomans in the late 14th and early 15th centuries. It resurfaced under Vasili Dracultesti which successfully pushed the Turks, and most muslims out of the Balkans and following a quick war in Greece as well became solidified as the dominate state in the Balkans. Resurfacing in 1462-3 time period, the Bulgarian Empire became the dominant power in the Balkans, defeating the Ottoman Empire in a major battle (under initially as the Principalit of Wallachia). In 1464 Emperor Vasili-Kaloyan having adopted a bulgarian name, defeated the newly established Greek Kingdom in the Battle of Thessaloniki. His actions resulted in the quick rise of a large Bulgar state and now with the annexation of Constantinople had seized the claim to the Eastern Roman Imperial rights, a long lost age. During his reign, Bulgaria spread across to the Black Sea and into much of the Eastern Balkans and the economy began to flourish. Despite strong Byzantine influence, Bulgarian artists and architects created their own distinctive style. In the 14-15th century, during the period known as the New Age of Bulgarian culture, literature and art flourished. The capital city Tarnovo, which was considered a "New Constantinople", became the country's main cultural hub and the centre of the Eastern Orthodox world for contemporary Bulgarians. After the Ottoman conquest, many Bulgarian clerics and scholars emigrated to Serbia, Wallachia, Moldavia, and Russian principalities, where they introduced Bulgarian culture, books, and hesychastic ideas, and following independence gave ready to recruit populations for the resurgent Bulgarian Empire into ruling the new territories and solidifying the new state.

Bulgarian Renaissance


Bulgarian Dynasties


Tsar: Vasili-Kaloyan Dracultesti   -------   Tsarina: Anastasiya Asen


  •    Crown Prince: Simeon Vasili Dracultesti-Asen
  •    Princess:         Anastasiya Asen
  •    Princess:         Maria Asen --------------- King: Jacob I of Greece
  •    Prince:             Boril Nastas Asen
  •    Princess:         Daniela Asen

Tsar: Simeon Dracultesti-Asen ------  (can't find her name)

  • Crown Prince: Boris Asen
  • Princess: ???