Bulgaria was a country in the Balkan region, which bordered Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Albania, and Romania. It joined World War 2 on the side of the Axis.


Царство България
Timeline: Global Pacification: World at War (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria Coat of arms of Bulgaria
Flag Coat of Arms

Бог е с нас (Bulgarian)
("God is with us")

(and largest city)
Language Bulgarian
Religion Bulgarian Orthodox
Government Officially: Constitutional Monarchy
Tsar Boris the Third

May 1939:

  1. Boris the Third publicly condemned the Comintern's support of countries within which Bulgaria has territorial ambitions. Bulgaria begins militarizing. A trade agreement is proposed to and agreed to by Italy.
  2. Requests Italian military aid, and continues its militarization. Aid is received, and in return, Bulgaria recognizes Italy's claim to Albania. Canada declares war on Bulgaria. It is not yet known why.
  3. Begins production of Italian weaponry and mobilization of the armed forces in preparation for war.

June 1939:

  1. Continues military production and begins experimenting with aircraft. Requests German support.
  2. Declares war on and invades Yugoslavia. First prototype bomber begins testing.
  3. Attempts to pull out of the invasion of Yugoslavia begin, moving invasion forces to combat Soviet troops. Proposes a vote to remove Germany as head of the Axis, and receives the support of Japan. Testing of the bomber goes well, and production for the military begins.
  4. Peace is officially reached with the Soviets, and military production ramps up. Bulgaria is officially removed from the Axis by order of Germany.

July 1939:

  1. Citizens express their discontent at what they feel to be a Yugoslavian victory. The state of emergency is removed, but production continues. The government decides to request that the Soviets leave them alone, which does not work.
  2. The Bulgarians issue an ultimatum to Yugoslavia and Greece: Sell us land or face war. They refuse, and Bulgaria declares war. The USSR declares war on Bulgaria, and Hungary and Germany declare their support of the Anti-Bulgarian coalition, which now includes countries from all three major alliances.
  3. The Bulgarian military, tired of Boris the Third's ludicrously militaristic attitude, under orders to declare more and more futile and pointless wars that would most certainly hasten the already-inevitable Bulgarian defeat, assassinates Boris the Third, and issues a surrender to what has now become the entire world (or, at least, members of all the major alliances). The military hopes to be able to atone for its leader's actions, and hopes that "the collective effort toward the destruction of the Bulgarian Tsardom shows that the Allies, Axis, and Comintern need not go to war against one another, and instead can work together to build a better world."

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