People's Republic Of Bulgaria
Народна република България
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990) Coat of arms of Bulgaria (version by constitution)
Flag of Bulgaria Coat of arms of Bulgaria
Balgariyano US Edition
Map of Bulgaria With European Union

Пролетарии от всички страни, съединявайте се! (Bulgarian)
("Workers Of The World Unite!")

Anthem "Mila Rodino And The Internationale"
Capital Sofia
Largest city Burgas
Other cities Plodiv, Kjustendil, Varna, Stara Zagora, Dobrich, Pleven, Haskovo Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Asenovgrad,
  others Russian, Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Romanian
Othrodox, Christiannity, Catholicsm, Roman Catholicsm
  others Lutheranism, Islam, Greek Catholicsm
Ethnic Groups
Bulgarians, Bulgar, Russians, Spanish,
  others Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Serbian,
Demonym Bulgarian
Government Maoist-Francoist One-State
  legislature Association Of Authority
Chief Minister Rosen Plevneliev
Area 110,994 km² km²
Population 7.305 million (2012) 
Established 1924
Currency Lev
Time Zone Eastern European Time Zone (UTC+02:00)
Calling Code +359
Internet TLD .bg, .eu, .usa, .cccp, .ussr, .mex, .SovietPact,
Organizations UN, SovietPact, EU, US Military Command
Bulgaria Communist Francoist State And Communist Nation On Earth And Global Major Supperpowers And Alliance With Soviet Union And United States And Major Powers On Earth And Massive Supperpowers On Earth And Global Powers And Aliiance With Danubia And Major Powers Also 8th Half Lunar Landing Nation On Moon And Major Powers And Stalmate Nation And Supperpower And Communist Nation And Greatest Major Powers And Participate During World War II And Cold War And Major Longest Nuclear Weapon Nation On Earth

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