Bulgaria, prior to the events of Doomsday, was a loyal member of the Warsaw Pact.

On Doomsday, it was crippled by nuclear strikes on the following cities:

  • Burgas, a major city and the largest port in Bulgaria, as well as a minor naval base.
  • Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria and a center of heavy industry.
  • Rousse, the location of the only Danube bridge along the Romania-Bulgaria border and the largest port along the river in the region.
  • Sofia, the capitol.
  • Varna, the headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy, a major port and city, and a minor Soviet naval base.
  • Yambol, destroyed in a strike on the nearby large air base.

It was also affected by the strikes on Edirne in Turkey, Thessaloniki in Greece, and the cities of Bucharest and Constanta in Romania. Portions of the northeast, as seen by Transylvania, have become much like eastern Romania - with soils too radiated to grow food. Greek forces have also explored areas of the southeast, near Greek Thrace, up to the ruins of Burgas - survivors were evacuated to Thrace, under the Rhodopian agreement with the Greek government.

Several parties of government officials did manage to flee the capital just ahead of the blast. Most of the more reform-minded officials fled southward while the hardliners fled northward.

The Reformers would go on to help local officials to found the Republic of Rhodope, and the hardliners founded what became, after a partial Soviet takeover, the Soviet Republic of Vidin.

These two states fought a war in the western part of what was once Bulgaria for more than a decade.

Rumors have been ongoing for years in Rhodope that some sort of small states - at least some survivors, at any rate - exist in the northeastern part of the former country. It remains to be seen how much truth there is to this, as much of central and northern Bulgaria is known to have been devastated by renegade Soviet forces in the late 1980s. Using information pieced together from Rhodopian and Vidinite records, the government of Rhodope today believes the Soviet troops to have originated from bases somewhere in the area around the former cities of Izmail and Odessa in the Budjak region of the former Ukraine.

Rhodope, however, was recognized by most nations as being the successor to the Bulgarian state. This was, in part, because not even Communists wanted much to do with the insane asylum that had become the Vidin government. Following the conclusion of the Rhodope-Vidin War in September of 2010, the point has been rendered moot by the elimination of the Vidinite state by Rhodope, and their claims will likely be soon recognized by the LoN as well.

With that, Rhodope has finally been able to begin to extend real authority over the west of the former nation, and has even send a force east that established an outpost where a port will be constructed in the future. The rumors from the northeast will also be investigated at some point.

Nation Capital Language(s) Organization Notes
Flag of Bulgaria RhodopeSmolyanBulgarian, Greek
Flag of Vidin Bulgaria VidinVidinBulgarian, Russian Defunct, eliminated by Rhodope

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