The year is 2010. The world looks very different from today. Europe, never needing an alternate route to Asia, never discovered North America. Byzantine and Bulgarian culture, combined with a reunified church smothered the renaissance, leaving Europe behind Asia.

Asia is the center of the world. Most governments in OTL North and South America pay tribute to China, along with the rather more stable ones in Africa, in some way. How ironic that a European victory could lead to them being surpassed on the world stage ...


  • In 971, the Byzantine Emperor, Nikephoros II Phokas is unable to convince the Rus to invade Bulgaria. Due to his wars to the South, he is unable to attack Bulgaria, allowing the nation to begin a revival under a new Tsar, Boris II.
  • In 1371, what can only be described as a miracle occurs. A Hawaiian boat had been blown out to sea during a storm some more then a year previous, and the only survivor had no ability to read the starts to orient himself. Surviving on fish, his tiny ship blows ashore to Japan. Although the Japanese are unable to translate his language before his death, this plants the idea of nations further east then them in their heads.
  • In 1402, knowledge of the wayward Hawaiian sailor reaches Zheng He, the famed Chinese explorer. The current emperor of China, Zhu Di (otherwise referred to as the Yongle Emperor) orders him to seek out these lands. His ships reach Hawaii in 1403. Determined to find new lands, he continues West and lands in Mexico in 1404. When he returns, he brings knowledge of the Aztec Empire to China.

Cultural Differences

Important Cultural differences from OTL include:

  • North and South America where named Yamojilia by their Asia discoveries.
  • The ancient and declining civilizations in North America actually survived due to Asian colonization efforts. The records kept by these civilizations, which OTL where largely destroyed by Europeans and Christians for being "heretical", where not only allowed to remain in North America, but copies where brought back to Europe as part of the Yongle Emperor's encyclopedia efforts. Furthermore, the increase of communication brought about by the colonists gave the civilizations knowledge of each other, and even a sense of kinship. In the modern day, efforts to regain these cultures fully are underway, although many where lost forever before the Chinese arrived.
  • Maps of the Earth are centered on the Pacific. (Some maps of this timeline may not be, however)
  • The practice of creating Eunuchs continues to this day. Modern day, anesthetic is used, and sperm cells are cryogenically frozen to allow the Eunuch to reproduce. Many intellectuals choose to become Eunuchs to experience purity of thought and lack of hormones, while many governments have forced Eunuch-ization on Sexual Predators.
  • Slavery continues to be a part of society in Asia and former colonies. Although banned in Europe and Greater Arabia (OTL Middle East) in Asia and the former colonies house slaves continue to function as a key part of society. Slavery is hereditary, although most slaves are in fact Asian in origin.

Pages of Note

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